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“ Maison”是英文屋的法语。该产品自然可以适合人们想要的各种房屋和空间。 规格:24英寸显示器,前置扬声器/ 615(W)* 645(H)* 100(D) 正确的空间是您组织线条的地方。它是磁性门。 版权。版权所有。由PDFHAUS,Seounkyeong Son设计。 设计:PDF HAUS


TV design


Now, the society is changed a small family, and they love to make their own space according to their taste. Even in the same room, it can be a cafe, a yoga room or a studio depending on the person living. The meaning of the housing space has changed actively.

While examining people's experiences about TV, I found in common. There is a router and a set-top box near TV. This is a factor that harms interior design. So, some people hid them behind TV or the storage.

So I made a concept of a TV like a furniture. and designed to arrange devices like router, set-top box in this TV space. The sketches and 2D renderings were conducted in a hexahedron reflecting the specifications. i was focused detail and section proportion for each view.


'Maison' is the French for the English house. This product can naturally fit into a variety of homes and spaces that people want.

Spec : 24 inch monitor, front speaker / 615(W)*645(H)*100(D)

The right space is where you organize the lines. It is magnetic door.

Copyrights. All rights reserved. Designed by PDFHAUS, Seounkyeong Son.


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